Amber ? Talk week notes (transferred from previous blog)

Pot plants however they have died 😦

flower perishing

core samples

dried flowers

what is the purpose? (what a stupid thing to ask)

what is the relationship between the plaster and the seaweed and the size of the objects ???

location on the floor ???

sample dish size – to be effective there needs to be more

museum preservation ????

“closer to nature or further apart”????\

topographical reading

previous works were something that looks soft but is made from a hard material

pillow shaped – the work would be more successful if the pillows were larger ??

visual trickery bronze, latex materials that look natural however they are not ?

gathering and taking to a foreign site

is the seaweed sentimental?

think about the relationship between your materials

deception we think there is a sense of intimacy between the artist and the materials ?

could relate to experimental dyes ??? onion dye.?? beetroot dye??.

tapping on the surface of an idea ???


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