Jamie talk week notes

Satire of art  school

Brain nuron
Making fun of the viewer
Loaded comma
Colour blindness Test
Human nature to perfect
Be confused – draw people in to make the work
Interested in the way we become absorbed in a thing y k
Jamie is more of a social event
+- cancel each other out
Do and don’t !!! Limbo total confusion !!! What are the translations??
Take all the dots off and count and colour code them
Adopt things from collaboration
Polite vs not
Missing a cultural barrier -Korean parents?? Nz very sorry !!! “I’m sorry” very sorry Always sorry
Chair saying please sit down very strange — a chairs purpose is to be sat on …
What is most interesting to you ?
What are you doing next?
Difficult to participate because the messages are so mixed. Mental conflict have to be wilful to Engage
Structural context
Disguised like a bunny !!! – doooo itttttt
What are you going to do next !!!
Humour to deal with a awkward situation
Throw people
Comfy couch but it has fleas THANKS ALOT very contradictory !!!
Imperative -Simon says put your hands on your head.
Like the use of txt and translation
Txt belongs onside not mixed in between -txt is normal
Don’t have the translations Korean take a dot off English put a dot on !!! Cultural divide
Installation and painting
Reading is embedded in the installation
Text Flips back and forwards “it’s perfect” -Anna miles
Like colour expand the colour range or simplify
Chromatic complexity eye popping
Playful aesthetic up beat cheerful !! Silly but the messages are satirical very uncomfortable
Mucking with instruction
Drive people mad – torture cultural misunderstanding cannot follow the instructions.
Would you be interested in chromatically altering the colours optical blending optical illusion
Not about the colour about the language !! And confusion
What other uses are confusion used for
Blind assumptions automatic assumptions
 Peter shelger
Sarah hues
Emelia bedelia
“Draw the curtain “
“Wrap a present “
“Dress an chicken”
Confrontational but Benign
Cheerful that people are confused
Completely confused but like ” having a good time?”
Perverse people might thing the lettering is really rough tidy lettering or completely messy
“Do not count the dots” but there are no dots !!??? What????
Pleasantly confused

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