Orrin Talk week notes. (transferred from previous blog)


i talk quite a lot with Orrin about her work and she helped me with the set up of my talk week work.

broken crosshatch form > talks about mark making

conversation between the two paintings> one is a response to the other

framing within a frame

raked lines- additive rather than subtract

personal interest in markmaking – methodical mark making

tension in the line> bumping and grabbing

line etching broken down. ? changing direction of the lines> frantic nature of the line

materiality completely different needs to be a closer response to the works ( i personally don’t think this)

“will it make sense by itself”- Toby Raine

take the works apart in isolation > is the work strong enough to stand by itself?

smaller work is Orrins new direction ?

no set goal to the final image ? more successful !

Orrin’s energy shows throughout her work~

 How do you come to the final image ?

colour conversation, colour response, colour restriction are all themes in Orrins work

the boarder + or – lighter pink framed by the green ? ( i was on to something but forgot)

green is a response to the pink.

earlier work block colour field large scale = “natural form”

utterly different painting smaller pink obtrusive semi veiled painting more interesting without pink line.


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